The Diet

This diet is nothing new to the medical world.  Developed in Italy it takes the hormone HCG that is naturally produced during pregnancy and puts it in your body an a daily basis for 45 day.  This hormone was designed by God to help a baby survive in the harshest of environments.  It forces your body to stay out of starvation mode and to eat it's own fat reserves when the caloric intake is taken down to a mere 500 calories a day.

Here's how it works.

45 days taking the HCG (it's in a cream form) and then 45 days of "maintenance" with is time for your body to adjust to it's new self but also a time to relearn everything you thought you knew about food and how it affects your body personally, because everyone is different. After the 45 days of maintenance you can either be done or you can start another round depending on how much weight you want to lose.

There are very specific foods you can eat and you get your 500 calories a day in lunch & dinner.  No breakfast unless you want to take one of your fruit portions from lunch or dinner.  Coffee, tea and water round out the beverage portion and that's about it.

Typically people lose about 30-40lbs a session and while most of my friends don't think I should lose a 100lbs that's my goal. I currently plan to do 3 sessions but will reevaluate during that third session and decide if I should do one more.

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