Saturday, July 17, 2010

40lbs & Maintenance....So I never posted about hitting my 40lbs mark the day before the end of the first session!  It was a major success for me and a great ending to the first part of a long journey.  I've been in maintenance for about 4 weeks now and it's been interesting.  I have continued to lose a little weight even on my trip to Cali with totally shocked me!  I am however so ready to go back on the diet.  I think knowing I still want to lose another 60-80lbs makes me crazy and I just want to get back to it.  I do understand the value of maintenance time as it is an opportunity to learn how to eat and maintain my weight which I've done thus far but honestly I don't know if I'm looking forward to making those decisions long term.  I'm sure it will come and I know that I do have an overwhelming passion to make sure that once this weight is gone it will never come back.  Check out the picture tab as I finally posted that 40lbs picture and I'm in a dress....shocking considering I haven't worn one in nearly 12 years!


  1. I love you in a dress! You almost look like a totally different Rachel when I can see your legs!

  2. Rachel- You look beautiful! Love the dress & sassy shoes :0)
    You're a rockstar! Keep it up!