Thursday, June 3, 2010

emotional roller coaster.  The last week has been a weird series of ups and downs that have really made me want something to eat!  However it makes me happy that what I'd love is just a good salad!  I feel encouraged that my heart has changed towards food and that while I still love it, I don't need the crap stuff nor do I want it.  Not to say the occasional Sprinkles cupcake won't make it's way towards my mouth but I'll just have half and save the other half for later.  It's weird for years I was obsessed with food network but when kids and work and home all tumbled together I lost my love for cooking healthy meals and sadly found myself turning to whatever is easy.  Frozen pizza, frozen boxed meals and yes even Hamburger Helper....could we have possibly ingested more processed food?  I think not!  I have found my love for cooking again and am collecting recipes and ideas like crazy.  I find myself looking at something wonderful and saying how can I alter it to make it a bit more healthy without losing it's bliss?  I'm excited about trying this out on some upcoming events.  A girls weekend in CA, Erin & Suz are going to eat like queens, I take care of my prego friends....A girls night in late July and Tabitha's 21st b-day in August just before I start the second session of the diet!

I'm hoping to weigh in tomorrow and have hit the 30lb mark but we'll see, it may not be until Saturday, I'm only 1 lb away but sometimes that can take a couple of days.


  1. Rachel I am seriously so excited for you! You are doing so great!

  2. Congrats on your progress! I just found your journey and can;t wait to follow along. If you need recipes I have can provide enough to blissfully overwhelm you!