Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Finding the excitement in simple food....I've tried many simple recipes over the last two weeks and have found many that hit the spot.  Homemade beef or chicken chili, fresh spaghetti sauce (yes it was weird to eat it like soup and not on noodles, but awesome!) taco salad (3oz of beef, a little taco seasoning, chopped up leaf lettuce and some cilantro and a squirt of lime!) So it's not been too bad really.  The hunger pains have begun to subside and I find that I just don't think about food that often which is nice.  Tonight though I tried a recipe I found online and it's amazing!!!  By no means is it a meal but it hits the spot and covers my fruit portion.  Strawberry Slush!  It's simple, just 5 small strawberries, lime juice, water, crushed ice and half a packet of pure stevia just to sweeten it slightly.  Blend and enjoy honestly it taste like a daiquiri without rum! 

I'm up to 13.8 lbs lost and feeling good about it, although I don't see a ton of physical change yet I just feel lighter!  33 days left until maintenance begins (which starts on the 20th, my birthday!)  What a great b-day present to look in the mirror and be somewhere around 35-45lbs lighter.  This is truly the best gift I've ever given myself!


  1. Wow, Rach…you are doing amazing!!!! You look different in your new picture….more carefree and like something has been lifted! You are such an encouragement!!!

  2. That's awesome Rachel. Keep it up! You can do it!